Garry Denke’s Treasure Map, Heelstone Marks The Spot.

24 Sep

Stonehenge Armageddon Prospect

Daniel the Prophet’s four Beasts:

Lion-cat, Bear-dog, Leopard-cat, Altar-box;


Stonehenge Armageddon Prospect

Heelstone Ditch & Scroll Trench:

Geology Maps; Cross-Sections

Ezekiel the Prophet’s four Beasts:

Lion-head, Calf-ox, Man-face, Eagle-flying;

[Altar-box 8'x8'x4' in Concrete 4' below Heel Stone]

Stonehenge Armageddon Prospect

Heelstone Ditch & Scroll Trench:

Refraction Seismic; Lines 1,2,3

Daniel the Prophet’s four Beasts:

Lion-cat, Bear-dog, Leopard-cat, Altar-box;


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4 Responses to “Garry Denke’s Treasure Map, Heelstone Marks The Spot.”

  1. Mr WordPress September 24, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Doctor Garry Denke Sr (1622-1699) the German antiquarian core drilled Scroll Trench (1656) recovering: Cartridge brass (70% Cu; 30% Zn), Live oak (Quercus virginiana) and Bluestone concrete; 8.5 ft (2.6 m) from Ground Level under Ezekiel the prophet’s described Lion head, Calf head, Man face and Flying Eagle, and under Daniel the prophet’s described Lion-cat, Bear-dog, and Leopard-cat, Heelstone, Stonehenge, United Kingdom (Note: the Good Doctor “hit” that Altar of Burnt Offering southwestern horn: Core-hole deviated; Bottom 1 ft (0.3 m) Core has Polished brass and is 4 in (10 cm) long. Stone 80, was in Stonehole WA 163 before Stone 97/96 (Heelstone) of WA 3787 moved SE and Bluestone Concrete gold/wood Tabernacle (Rebar of Scroll Trench cement) buried, Slurry poured. Rotated 97/96 Clockwise, 90 degrees. Heel Stone beasts (6) faced SE at first, Horn beast (1) toward Avenue (see Refraction Seismic map). Broken Altar Stone stump under 8’x8’x4′ Concrete block.

    Ezekiel’s and Daniel’s four (4) solid IRON rebar WHEELS: two (2) between the Altar of Incense | | Ark of the Testimony vertically, and two (2) between Ark of the Covenant | | Table for the Shewbread vertically, Embedded in 8ft long x 8ft wide x 4ft tall Bluestone pozzolan Reinforced Concrete block, at Stonehenge, 4ft below Heelstone’s base; said four (4) solid IRON rebar WHEELS large, inside Altar of Burnt Offering, with all Tabernacle Relics, in bottom East end of Scroll Trench, supported by Stone No. 80’s (Altar Stone’s) broken West stump, Foundation of WA 163 (see Refraction Seismic map), hollow stem core drilled in 1656, by Dr Garry Denke Sr (1622-1699), are the four (4) solid IRON cart WHEELS “spoke”, of Ezekiel and Daniel, having “spoke” teeth, in said Bluestone pozzolan Reinforced Concrete, all four (4) Ferro-Magnetic, examined by Mr Garry Denke Sr (1955-), with Schonstedt Model Number GA-22, an HeliFlux Magnetic Locator, on 21 June 1984.

    Denke, G. 1984. Magnetic and Electromagnetic Surveys at Heelstone, Stonehenge, United Kingdom (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
    GDG, 84; 5-42.

  2. YHWH Allah April 24, 2014 at 3:16 pm #

    Washington’s Testament, 21 January 1653
    Little Braxted, Essex County, England

    On his deathbed Rev. Lawrence Washington (1602-1653) ancestor of U.S. first President George Washington (1732-1799) who inherited from his father Sir Lawrence Washington (1579-1643) ownership of Stonehenge in Great Britain said;

    Embedded in the Ancient’s Concrete mixture of 1 part Bluestone and 3 parts Limestone cement, four feet (4 ft, 1.2 m) below my Helestone in Wilts, is my brass Altar of Burnt Offering (5c-5c-3c) containing my Seven (7) golden Tabernacle relics:

    My gold Mercy Seat (2.5c-1.5c), my gold Ark of the Testimony (2.5c-1.5c-1.5c), my gold Table for the Shewbread (2c-1c-1.5c), my gold Candlestick, my gold Ephod-Girdle, my gold Breastplate, and my gold Altar of Incense (1c-1c-2c), are there.

    Elizabeth Washington, baptized at
    Tring Parish, 17 August 1636
    Herefordshire, England



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